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The Big Bus!
Big Bus
Screenshot from the Motion Picture
(1976). It tells a incredible story
about the first drive from New York
to Denver in a nuclear powered bus.
I've build a model of the bus
nearly 25 years ago!
I've not tried to build the model as exact as possible, but it makes a lot of fun
to build the bus again. My first attemp had the same dimensions, but it has smaller
wheels and was build only with red bricks. Grey has been really rare in the early 80's.
Big Bus
The bus is nuclear powered -
please stay of the lane if he
drives by with more than
Big Bus

Big Bus
Big Bus
You can always trust, our
friendly and competend

Hotrod "ZZ Top"
ZZ Top ZZ Top
ZZ Top ZZ Top ZZ Top

8369 Dirt Crusher
Dirt Crusher goes red!
Red Dirt CrusherRed Dirt Crusher
Dirt Crusher modified
with parts from
8378 Red Beast
With the Transformation Kit
and the red Wheels...
Dirt Crusher long Version
... you can build the
"Dirt Crusher long Version"

You need:

2 Dirt Crusher
2 Goals
1 Waterball

That's it. Have fun!

DeLorean "Back to the Future I"
Back to the Future I Back to the Future I

DeLorean "Back to the Future II"
Back to the Future II

DeLorean "Back to the Future III"
Back to the Future III Back to the Future III

Download LDRAW
generated Instructions
(1.9MB Zip File)
DeLorean LDRAW Instructions

(bttf_delorean.ldr 32KB)

The new DeSender FKS1600:

Car Park

Formula One Ferrari!

This set (2556) was the reason
for leaving my "dark time"...
F1 Ferrari

F1 Ferrari

8880 - 1994 Supercar

With four speed-gear box, V8
engine, four wheel drive,
suspension, adjustable wing
mirrors and movable headlights!
Here is a picture of the "real" Supercar, taken in
LEGOLAND Billund. It was 10x bigger than the
original and was build with 650.000 bricks!
8880 Real 8880
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