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Box front  Box back
The 4th in a row of fan created trains, a modular house and dramatic space ships: the custom cars garage. It contains three Hot Rods and a cool garage for upgrading them.

Instructions and CD
Next to the printed instructions, this set is the first one which contains a CD-ROM with LDD. This gives the customers the capability to start to create their own even hotter and faster cars.

The complete set
The complete set.

The complete set  The complete set
Rat Rod       Fast Box

The complete set  The complete set
Don't panik.       PANIK!!!

The Speed Rod. The rumble seat is one of my most favourite features of the cars, but it seems that not all Minifigs are as excited as I am ;) Alle the cars were planed to be as different as possible, but their look has to fit to each other.

The first prototypes were built with real bricks. The final models were created using LDD with an enhanced palette.

Size does matter. The cars should contain some nice details like opening doors and the modular engines, but should not to be too big. It looked that thei size would be fine, if they look good next to buildings like the Café Corner.

Prototype Prototype
During the design process it was planed to include a diner in the final set. At the end the garage made it. A lot of different creations were made and discarded. Some ideas were refined, some thrown away. Very sad, that pink isn't available within the LDD palette, isn't it?

Starters 1 Starters 2
These files are included within the latest version of LDD. Ever seen a stretched Hot Rod? Check them out!

This simple creation is available for download on my LEGO Factory gallery.

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