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Volvo PV444 in 1:10

Volvo PV444

Volvo PV444

The chassis it taken from the Beetle (set #10187) to save time. The outer dimensions of both cars are very close to each other. It wasn’t clear if there was enough time to build a car of that huge size. So I’ve started with the body and didn’t took care about interior, or opening doors. At the end there was enough time left to include all these features. I’ve been pretty neigh to make an incredible big mistake. The first mechanism let the engine cover swing to the wrong direction! During the research for engine photos I’ve discovered the mistake and corrected it. The next faux pas was the radio in the dashboard. My car had one, but the original not! Now the final model is free of any multimedia devices.

Volvo PV444 Volvo PV444 Volvo PV444
The engineOpening doorsThe trunk

The whole car was built in less than a month. I haven’t counted them, but I guess there are hundreds of black jumper plates used in the back of the car. To get more stability from the c-pillar there are three jumper plates in a row. Otherwise the roof would fall apart just when beeing touched. Thanks to the old style hinge plates, the trunk could be made very inconspicuous. The mechanism of the seats was also taken from the set #10187.

Volvo PV444
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