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FAB1 McLaren

Frequently asked questions

What is Brick-Valley?

Brick-Valley is the name of my small city. The first brick was placed in 2007, when I figured out that some streets and buildings would be a better place to present my miniland scaled cars. From that point Brick-Valley was continually growing. Actually the size hits some limits. My car isn't big enough to carry more buildings and setup time on exhibitions takes close to 10 hours. But Brick-Valley still will be improved!

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What is miniland?

Every LEGOLAND has a section called miniland, which is placed near to the entrance. The origin came from the initial idea to show people nice and impressive crations made in a LEGO theme park. Within miniland there are sections which are showing typical scenery's of different countries. Usually there are models of iconic buildings from the country where the LEGOLAND is placed. For example: Big Ben in LEGOLAND UK, Nyhavn 17 in LEGOLAND Denmark and so on.

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What is miniland scale?

The miniland scale is about 1:20 and is used by the LEGOLAND for their miniland creations. In Brick-Valley all the cars and figures are as close to that scale, as possible. Because of financial and storage reasons the buildings are made in a size which could fit to these creations. In fact they are too small, but until now I didn't heared any complaints about that.

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Why miniland scale?

If you want to know the whole story, you might check out the BrickJournal Issue 1, Volume 2, Spring 2008. There you'll find an whole article about that question.
I am not just a LEGO fan, but also a car fan. But in minifig scale it's not possible to build recognizable cars, if they are not very iconic. The Ghostbuster's Ecto-1 isn't a problem, but try to build a Porsche 911 and a Porsche Cayman in that scale.
The miniland scale opens possibilities for more details without the need of tons of bricks like cars in 1:10. And since I'm a fan of the LEGOLAND miniland, this is my scale.

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What is minifig scale?

The minifigure scale is roughly about 1:42. There is no precisely value, because the minifigures are compared to humans way to wide. The best definition describes the scale as following: creations are in minifig scale when you think that a minifigs would fit to the creation. So cars in minifig scale could be something between 3 and 8 studs wide.

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Where do you get instructions for your cars?

Directly out of my mind! All the models you can see here are mocs (my own creation).

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Can I get instructions for your cars?

No. To create instructions which enables you to build one of my (sometimes quite fragile) cars would take at least as long as to create the car. And since this is a boring task for me, there are no instructions available. Instead of doing boring stuff, I prefer to build new cars.

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Can I buy one of your cars?

Sure, you're quite welcome! But, building a miniland car takes a long time and when you have to work for your money, you surely know that free time is the most valuable thing in the world. In some rare circumstances I made a customised car and sold it, but it costed a fortune. So take it as a no and try instead to build your own model. You will even be more satisfied as if you simply buy a complete model.

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Does LEGO give you the bricks?

Simply: no. Building with LEGO is my hobby and as nearly all other hobbies it costs money. I spend as much money as I can afford, like you would for your hobby.
Neither LEGO, nor the LEGOLAND gives me free bricks for my creations.

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Further questions?

Don't hesitate to ask me: email@x-brick.de

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