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01.06.2013: Ferrari day at LEGOLAND Billund!
This way, please...

Here we go...

In march 2013 I've stumbled upon the LEGOLAND Billunds schedule, which said that the first of june will be the Ferrari day. This is an annual event where about 30 real Ferraris drive through LEGOLAND and will be displayed for public.

Wait on - Ferrari's in the LEGOLAND? The reason for me to build cars in miniland scale was a Ferrari 348 seen at the LEGOLAND a couple of years ago! It was a 1:20 version in the miniland, of course. But from this point, my collection of miniland scaled Ferraris was grown to 9 cars. In other words, 9 good Reasons to bring Brick-Valley to the LEGOLAND. Within the next weeks to the 1st of June, the number has been raised to 13!

Passing Slot Amalienborg

A proper announcement needs adequate photos. One month before the event we had an appointment with the sun. Passing Nyhavn 17 and going on to do a parade in front of slot Amalienborg.
Nyhavn 17

Slot Amalienborg

Slot Amalienborg

The timeline so far

Ferrari timeline

1962 Ferrari 250 GTO
Ferrari 250 GTO
A blue Ferrari? Come on, seriously? Yes! This is one of the worlds most expensive and most beautiful cars. Made in 1962, build to win races - and it did! I've build the gills and part of the front air intakes years ago, however the rest had to wait until accidentially a red 2x4 brick with curved top crossed my building table. The perfect element for the front mudgards. From that point it took the usual time to finish the car.
1963 Ferrari 250 GTO
Ferrari 250 GTO
The red GTO is supposed to be one of the last 250GTO, which can be seen by the three instead of two gills. And they work very well at the modell. The front of the two GTO's is made slightly different, just because not all elements are available in both colors.
1969 Ferrari Dino 246 GT
Ferrari 246 GT Dino
This modell needs some refinement. The roof and the windows seems not to be right. This may be fixed at the next event, so keep on watching.
1970 Ferrari 365 GTS/4 Daytona
Ferrari 365 GTS Daytona
These smart guys don't fit to the car, because it's not a replica, it's a original Ferrari 365! Well, to be honest, the only difference I would make are the door handles. In Miami Vice they've used a replica, based on a corvette, what Ferrari doesn't made happy. Anyway, the time of pink shirts is gone - or just came back? Sonny Crockett together with his partner Ricardo Tabbs and the black Ferrari Daytona are now a piece of pop culture.
1970 Ferrari 365 GTB/4 LeMans
Ferrari 365 GTB LeMans
The shape of the black Daytona seems to be wrong and I wondered how the roof of the GTB would look like. So the second Daytona has been build, changes has been made to both of them and the result is quite alright, now.
1980 Ferrari 308 GTS - Magnum
Ferrari 308 GTS
This gentleman just borrowed the car from Mr. Robin Masters. Magnum P.I. makes the 308 to one of the most popular cars seen on TV. Btw.: do you remember the dog's names? Apollo and Zeus, hold in a secure distance by Mr. Higgins.
1984 Ferrari 308 GTB
Ferrari 308 GTB
For the Ferrari day at the LEGOLAND it was planned to place some cars at castle Amalienborg. To do so and to prevent to let the parade look to poor, I've quickly build a copy of the 308 GTS. To use hinge bricks with different colors is a brilliant trick to get very thin lines. These lines are less thick than half a plate. I've copied this trick from another fantastic builder.
1984 Ferrari Testarossa - Outrun
Ferrari 512 Testarossa Outrun
Ferrari officially never made a Testarossa convertible, but the guys from Sega didn't care about that and gave you this ride plus a nice blonde girl at the passenger seat within the computer game "outrun". Today every mobild phone could do it better, but back in the 80's the graphics were astonishing.
1984 Ferrari Testarossa 512TR
Ferrari 512 Testarossa
This model is the first miniland car, I've ever build! And even if today many more elements are available and my building capabilities may have been improved, I'm very happy with this creation.
1989 Ferrari 348 GTS - LEGOLAND Edition
Ferrari 348 GTS
This is NOT a moc! This is a 95% copy of the LEGOLAND model. Only 95% because the models within the LEGOLAND are different. It seems they also had a kind of evolution. If you'll visit any LEGOLAND these days, look out and find a Ferrari 348 somewhere.
2009 Ferrari 458 Italia
Ferrari 458 Italia
See the big gap here? 20 years of history simply missing. Well, it's just a question of time... Anyway, the 458 is actually available at your local Ferrari dealer and a real beauty. It looks in real life way better, than any photo is able to show. Tricky to be build, because of all these light lines, heading in any directions.
2011 Ferrari 458 Spider
Ferrari 458 Spider
This one was build for a special friend and has a working roof mechanism. Right now just manually, but if LEGO is making some smaller motors. Even if red is the most popular colour for a Ferrari, yellow still looks great.
2013 La Ferrari
La Ferrari
"La Ferrari" even the name is spectacular! And this one has even more air intakes, as the 458 has - and that has loads of air intakes! Also the first time, that I've used fences within a car, but they work quite good.

To event area, please turn right...

To event area...

And here we are:

Here we are

But first things first.
The "big" ones:

Every two years there is Ferrari day at the LEGOLAND Billund. An event where members of the Danish Ferrari owners club polish their cars and meet in Billund to do a parade from the main entrance through the whole park to the event area at the very end. So it's not just for your eyes, but also delightful for your ears!

At the event area all cars were parked that the visitors are able to get a closer look at Ferraris from the early 70's to now. And if you own a Ferrari, it seems to be your duty to keep it in a perfect shape - and so did they all do. If you browse around the cars you might think that you can order a Ferrari in every colour, as long as it's red, but this is wrong. Sometimes you find single cars in black, yellow and even silver. But red is the truly dominating colour.

The weather conditions at the first of June couldn't have been better for an event like that. A nice, bright and shiny day with no clouds in range and no risk for the Ferraris to get dirty.
Ferrari 308 GTS
Hello, Mr. Magnum!
Ferrari Dino
This one was made in 1970 and looks if it just came out of the factory!
Ferrari GTO
Ferrari 599 GTO! Do I have to say more?
Ferrari 348 next to a Ferrari Testarossa
A Ferrari 348 next to a Ferrari Testarossa. Quite different, aren't they?
Ferrari Testarossa
Ferrari Testarossa. In my eyes the most beautiful car of the world!
Not just the look, but also the sound of this V12 is truely incredible!

Brick-Valley display

The Brick-Valley layout was placed in a big tent at the LEGOLAND event area. It had the perfect size to set up a nice parade of the Miniland scaled Ferraris. There were also some nice car related decorations: flags, rims, wheels and even a tonne of oil.
It was the first time that Brick-Valley was presented at a LEGOLAND, but hopefully not the last time!

Nice table skirt and some cool stuff was placed around the tent. Very cool!

The complete layout.

The parade is passing a well known diner.

In case some waste is laying around...
no worries, a Waste Allocation Load Lifter - Earth-Class is in range.


After all, it was a fantastic event!

We will meet again in 2015!

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