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Sponge Bob in space!
How cool is this?
Sponge Bob, Patrick and Sandy in Space...

Mug Photoshooting
Going to the Beach

Let's go to the beach...
Going to the Beach

Alpha Team Classic:
Crunch, Cam, Radia, Dash,
Flex, Tee Vee and Charge
and his mad Minion's
Alpha Team Classic Alpha Team Ogel
Alpha Team Mission Deep Sea:
Charge, Radia, Flex, Cam, Dash,
Tee Vee and Crunsh
Alpha Team Arctic:
Android, Zed, Charge, Dash,
Radia, Arrow, Diamond, Flex
Alpha Team Mission Deep Sea Alpha Team Arctic

Rock Raiders:
Sparks, Axel, Bandit, Chief, Doc, Jet
and of course the Rock Monster
(#4970 Chrome Crusher, #4980 Tunnel Transport)
All time favorite:
Classic Space
Rock Raiders Team Classic Space

Pharao Legosis
Two really great Images
from Egypt
Images taken by:

El who? Visit his homepage!
Sphinx Sphinx

My Collection
of Technic Figures
Giant Bathtub Figure
It's impossible to rebuild it
in Minifig Scale.
Technic Figures Badewannenfigur

Winnie the Pooh
and his friends:
Piglet, Tigger and Eeyore
Bob the Builder
and his friends:
Spud and Wendy
Winnie the Pooh and friends Winnie the Pooh and friends

ZZ Top
Great Band!
Plenar hall full of alien senators ;-))
My first thought as I've seen this
candlestand was Star Wars Episode I.
Btw: have you seen the original
"ET" in one of the bowls in the movie?
ZZ Top Plenar hall

Unbelievable: one of my most
expensive Minifigs:
Nesquik Quicky
Sir Robin Hood
Looking for rich victims
during a short visit to
x_Speed's forrest.
Minifig from Nesquik Robin Hood
3928 - Sandy Moondust
3929 - Biff Starling

First Minifigs on Mars!
Sandy Moondust & Biff Starling
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