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Captain Future's Comet

1st Version
Comet Comet
Comet Comet
This Space Ship is build after the TV series,
which were first shown in the 80's. It's a
japanese animation series, written after a story
from Edmond Hamilton.
To build the "Comet" is nearly complicated as to
build an "Enterprise". The hull has many thin
parts which makes it impossible for the modell to
stay without help. (I've cutted out the stand in
most of the pictures with a graphic Tool). If you
want to take a look on a great "Cosmoliner" you
must visit El Caracho's Homepage.
Technical Data:
Weight: 1,5 kg
Lenght: 63cm
Diameter: 53cm
Comet Comet
Captain Future
Captain Future
Comet in Space
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